Visits to Gyobutsuji


     Visitors are welcome to participate in practice events at Gyobutsuji. In addition to our regular daily practice events and sesshins, we offer zazen instruction, classes and public talks upon request (contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .).Those coming for zazen instruction or to see the monastery for the first time can visit on days not marked "sesshin" or "light schedule" on our calendar. We now follow a traditional monastic week, having our lighter schedules falling mostly on "4 & 9 days" of the month. Days immediately preceding and immediately following monthly sesshins also follow the lighter schedule. Please check our calendar page when making plans to visit the monastery. 

Lighter schedule days follow the below format:


6:10 AM       zazen (optional)

8:00           breakfast/cleanup/break

11:30         work/lunch prep

12:00PM     lunch/cleanup/free time

5:30PM      dinner prep

6:00          dinner/cleanup/free time

9:00          end of day